B&K Bunkbeds

Custom Quality Crafted Bunkbeds

Custom Made From Solid Wood

Our beds are made from solid woods joined together by using high quality hardware. Solid woods are naturally appealing and long lasting, and free from many of the toxins endemic to artificial wood furniture.

They are Made from Environmentally Sustainable Materials

Our solid wood beds are made to last longer than the time it takes for the renewable resource (solid natural wood) to regrow. A bed made of manufactured or "fake" wood will begin to show age in just a few years, can't be repaired or refinished, and also creates a substantial carbon impact. Our beds are made to last for generations thus greatly reducing our beds lifetime carbon footprint avoiding the destructive cycles of disposal, re-manufacturing, and repeated shipments over generations.

Custom Made By Local Craftsmen, Supports the Local Economy

Solid woods are the largest single expense and component of our beds. We also use high quality metal hardware and wood finishes. The purchase of our beds employs local craftsmen and their assistants, who purchase most of their goods and services from the local community. The multiplier effect of this income is significant to say the least. 1800BUNKBED believes that a business should uphold its end of the social contract by being responsible to our customers, to the environment, and to the community at large.

Pass It On To The Next Generation

The methods we use to build top quality beds means it takes more time to assemble than a mass-produced bed, but a well constructed bed necessitates this quality of construction. You can know that a bed from 1800BUNKBED is special, and that it's built to last because it's already stood the most important test of time. Because our beds are designed to outlast your children they really can be passed on to the next generation, the way your furniture should be made.